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£37.5 million mistake and Wu-Tang Clan

£37.5 million mistake and Wu-Tang Clan I am based in Leeds and Leeds city council have managed to pay 250,00 homes council tax energy rebate twice. £150 was transferred twice into around 250,000 homes in Leeds bands A-D I was scandalised by this and with a quick calculation…How do Leeds city council have an extra […]

What have you done today to make you feel proud? Resignations…Fax, Twitter or post it notes!!

Today has been all about public resignations. Messi resigns from Barcelona via fax and Carrie Gracie quits BBC news with a viral video and social post. A lot has been said about their methods for example why does Messi own a fax machine…Ironically?? However, I want to focus on what they say Gracie in her […]

Welcome to Sophie

Myinternalrecruiter.com are delighted to welcome Sophie Webster to the team. It is never easy starting a new job but things have been made even more difficult following lockdown and the awful situation with Covid- 19. So while we haven’t shaken h ands or hugged we welcome Sophie to the team and are wishing her every […]

Social Media

A short video on employers and viewing your social media in the recruitment process. Based on some real life social media experiences… good and bad and Lightstarts digital Show n Tell event yesterday. Including the good news story of how I placed the CEO of Porn hub at a very reduced salary in West Yorkshire.

Welcome to Linda

    Please join me in welcoming Linda Kurth who has joined Myinternalrecruiter.com today. After completing her degree in Business and IT from Northumbria university, Linda moved to Leeds and started her career in recruitment. Linda quickly gained promotions and responsibility. Linda has worked in recruitment for the last eight years covering various sectors including […]


Networking… I was inspired by an article I read on networking a while ago and it really put in perspective how crucial networking is and not just in the traditional sense of networking events. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/303467 When I started business development I naturally picked up the phone and started cold calling, after a few months of […]

1 in 27,000

One in twenty-seven thous and According to https://startupbritain.org/ there are just over 27,000 recruitment companies in the UK. Being one in twenty-seven thous and we knew we had to have something to set us apart. We came up with subscription recruitment for many reasons but mainly to be more involved in the business.  To truly […]