What have you done today to make you feel proud? Resignations…Fax, Twitter or post it notes!!

Today has been all about public resignations. Messi resigns from Barcelona via fax and Carrie Gracie quits BBC news with a viral video and social post. A lot has been said about their methods for example why does Messi own a fax machine…Ironically?? However, I want to focus on what they say

Gracie in her twitter sign off and mic drop moment focused on the achievements she has accomplished in the last 33 years and Messi focuses on the opportunities and learnings he has been afforded. A whole other article could be written on the gender shift in these approaches but that is for another discussion another time.  I am also aware Messi is a request to be released from his contract and Gracie has had her resignation letter, served her notice and this is her goodbye/ sign off

In a previous life I used to have a colleague who reported into me and would quit every few weeks via post it note! It was always a joke and I left before they did so never got to see the actual resignation. Coming back from a meeting to a post it note was always funny. Maybe if they had of written, I quit, increased sales, learned, thanks, I would have taken it more seriously. The short template of resignation.

Gracie using the word proud lists her achievements and there are many including her well-publicised fight for equal pay and subsequently donating all her back pay to a gender equality charity.

Using the word proud is very important… Heather Small immortalised the words in her 2000 song Proud… What have you done today to make yourself proud?

Whether you are resigning or not. Thinking about what you have achieved in your job is important. We think about achievement when we have review meetings or if we are looking for new opportunities and writing a CV, but we never just think about achievements big or small on a daily or weekly basis. As we are all coming out of lockdown, going back to offices and fighting to keep our jobs and keep the economy going it, it can’t be bad to remind ourselves what we achieved.

So what have I done this week to make myself proud… I’ve placed a c andidate in a job ( not exactly ground-breaking in recruitment) however both the c andidate and the company are genuinely excited about the opportunity and growth potential and this makes me incredibly proud to have facilitated the process and make a difference to both parties.

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