8 Benefits myinternalrecruiter.com Can Add to Your Existing HR & Recruitment Team

When you’re scaling a business, hiring happens frequently. Which means two things:

  • Your recruitment costs are high

  • Your existing team may become overstretched

This is often when founders consider hiring or extending an internal recruitment team.  However, internal recruiters aren’t entry-level roles and can add a significant amount to your salary bill.

If this is the case, we have a solution.

Myinternalrecruiter.com is a hybrid model of recruitment, we offer all of the benefits of an internal team, at a fraction of the cost. We work well with existing internal recruiters and HR teams acting as an extension of their team. In addition, we will use a company email address and work from your office (if you’d like us to) meaning to the outside world, we are your internal recruiter.

Here are the top 8 reasons a partnership with myinternalrecruiter.com could benefit your HR & internal team:

1. We provide market insights

We can advise your internal team on salary brackets, benefits packages, what the market is like, what competitors offer, and what candidates are responding well to. All of which helps with candidate attraction and improves your time to hire.

2. It gives your HR team their time back to focus on their job

It’s a common frustration amongst HR teams that recruitment takes time away from their daily tasks and responsibilities, we can give time back to them to focus on what’s important.

3. We build lasting relationships with your internal team

Without threatening your existing teams in any way – it’s a partnership we build over time. We will even work in your office with your HR & internal recruitment team if you’d like us to! We get to know your hiring managers and can act as quickly and efficiently as an internal team member.

4. We can help them with their KPIs

We will help your HR and hiring department to reduce the time to hire, increase retention, reduce recruitment costs, increase employee referrals and build a positive employer brand.

5. It’s great for niche and hard-to-fill roles

If you have an internal team involved with volume hiring, we can take care of any hard-to-fill roles. We have the time to network, headhunt and market to the more senior and niche roles.

6. Cost-effective way of expanding the team

We can become an extension of your internal team, at a fraction of the cost. We will support your HR and internal recruiters in the same way a new hire would, only they won’t have to train us and you’ll have money to reinvest into other areas of the team, such as training and development.

7. We have a vast network

We can lean on our network and connections which will improve your time to hire and again, help with the hard-to-fill roles.

8. We do all of the admin

We remove all of the admin from your internal team. We advertise, headhunt, arrange interviews, give feedback, negotiate salary etc. But, to the outside world, we are your internal recruiter – candidates won’t know any different.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

“We have been working with Myinertnalrecuiter.com for more than four years now and have always found them to be extremely efficient and helpful. We have an in-house team so we give them very specific niche roles to fill. They understand our business and what we are looking for in staff.”

“Myself or one of the hiring managers can pick up the phone at any time and we know the job is in good hands. We also get feedback on the market. The cost-saving element is very important, too. We know the subscription prices and we can budget across the year. Recently, we have started working on more volume recruitment, and this has saved me a lot of hassle.” – Mel Vasey, Recruitment Officer 

Want to know more?

If you’d like some more information on how we could support your existing HR & recruitment team please give us a call on 0113 873 0092.