Start-Ups: When is the best time to hire an internal recruiter?

Start-Ups: When is the best time to hire an internal recruiter?


If you’re growing rapidly, recruitment is probably at the forefront of your mind.


Hiring new starters takes time, which is often limited when you’re scaling.


Traditional agencies are always a great option for outsourcing your recruitment but if you have forecasted consistent growth, it’s an expensive way of hiring. 


The alternative is hiring your own internal recruitment team.


When is the right time to hire your own internal recruiter?


Typically hiring your first 20 employees is relatively easy (not always) but as you continue to grow past that point, it may be worth outsourcing your recruitment to a professional so that your hiring managers can focus on team management and innovation. 


With average recruitment fees ranging anywhere between 15-25% of the employee’s salary, outsourcing to recruitment agencies is not only expensive but it is also difficult to forecast spend.


So, if you’re hiring multiple people per year, financially you’d likely be better off hiring your own internal recruiter.


What are the benefits of hiring an internal recruiter?


Hiring an internal recruiter not only takes all of the time and responsibility away from your hiring managers but they’re also able to provide a higher level of service than traditional agencies. Internal teams are able to sell the role from inside the business and respond quickly to your hiring needs. They also:


  • Alleviate time pressures from hiring managers
  • Cost savings when compared to traditional agencies
  • They can sell the business and the role effectively
  • They can respond quickly and efficiently
  • They handle all of the admin, salary negotiations and first-stage interviews
  • Reduce your time to hire
  • Reduce your onboarding time


What is the cost of an internal recruiter?


One of the main reasons business owners struggle to know when to invest in an internal recruitment team is because they’re expensive.


According to Glassdoor, the average cost of an internal recruiter in the UK in 2023 is £37,983 so, it’s a considerable financial investment. 


Not only do you have an additional salary to pay but you also have the people management, pension contribution, national insurance and so on. 


So what’s the alternative? was founded to provide a solution to this issue. We are an outsourced solution so naturally, we are cost-effective but despite being outsourced, we also become a fully embedded part of your team providing all of the benefits of an internal recruiter. 


How it works


myinternalrecruiter was created with rapidly growing businesses in mind, if you’re hiring 4 or more people over the course of a year this solution will save you thousands in fees and hiring your own internal team. 


When we partner with businesses we get to know you and your team as if we were being onboarded. We will work from your offices, we use your company email (if you’d like us to), we interview candidates, we do all of the admin and stay with the candidate until after their start date, to you and to the outside world – we are your internal recruiter.


What makes us different to a traditional agency?


At this point, you might be thinking ‘If you’re an outsourced service, what makes you different to a traditional agency?’


The two main differentiators are how much we charge and the level of service we provide. 


Our subscription model allows us to charge just 2% fees. This means our clients save thousands of pounds compared to traditional agencies and hiring their own internal team.


You will be assigned an account manager who will become your internal recruiter and will work within your business exactly the same way as an internal team.


How much does it cost?


We offer a subscription model of recruitment which allows you to pay a small monthly fee plus, we charge just 2% fees. We are super transparent about how much we charge and all of our packages are available on


‘Myinternalrecruiter has streamlined our recruitment process and given us more control. The £10k saving in 3 months is obviously impressive! I do not hesitate recommending’


Want to know more?


If you’d like some more information please give us a call on 0113 873 0092.