How to hire in 2023: traditional agencies vs in-house teams

If you have plans to hire in 2023 and you’re not sure whether to use an agency or use an in-house team, this blog is for you.


Finding the right candidate for your business takes time, which is something most hiring managers and business owners are short on. Many SMEs therefore, opt to use traditional recruitment agencies when they have hiring needs. Recruitment agencies are a great way to hire because they have extensive networks and can fill roles quickly however, fees mean they can be expensive.


At times, the HR team doubles down as in-house recruiters, and this means that as well as recruitment, they need to have their hand in legal requirements, strategy, budgeting, reporting and planning. While their understanding of the business may be unrivalled, it’s unlikely that they will have the capacity and time to take an in-depth look at competitors. 


Hiring an in-house recruiter may be the next port of call.  In-house recruitment teams alleviate many of the stresses of hiring but, also come with a hefty price tag. 


So how do you know which method of hiring is right for your business?


Outsourcing your recruitment to an agency not only takes the pressure off the hiring manager to source the right people, but it also saves the business time headhunting, screening CVs, requesting reference checks and arranging interviews. However, fees quickly add up and there are often also complaints of unreliability and time wasted on interviewing candidates who are unsuitable. 


Benefits of using a recruitment agency:


  • They have an extensive network of candidates meaning they can typically fill a role pretty quickly
  • They source and select candidates all day every day, so they know what good looks like
  • They take a lot of the admin out of hiring and present you with CVs which you select to interview
  • They often specialise in certain industries so they’re knowledgeable about role types and business structures


Disadvantages of working with a recruitment agency:


  • They are considered to be an expensive way of hiring
  • Some recruiters are described as unreliable
  • Some recruiters have a reputation for providing ill-matched candidates and therefore, wasting the hiring manager’s time interviewing candidates who are not a good fit for the role or the business. 


The alternative?


Hiring your own internal recruitment team.


Hiring an internal recruitment team is a great solution for businesses that are frequently hiring, they know the business inside out and save hiring managers a lot of time liaising with a recruiter on the wants/needs of the business and the prospective candidates.


Benefits of hiring an in-house recruiter:


  • They know the business culture, hiring managers, and expectations and can source and select candidates accordingly
  • They are able to sell the benefits of working for the business to the candidates
  • They take care of all of the admin and alleviate time for the hiring manager
  • They are able to build a database of prospective candidates for the business.


Disadvantages of an internal recruitment team:


  • You have a salary to pay whether you’re hiring at that time or not
  • They may lack the network and talent pool that external recruiters have


If neither of these solutions feels right for your business, we have an alternative. was founded on the premise that we can provide our clients with all of the benefits of an internal recruitment team, at a fraction of the cost.

Having worked with SMEs for many years we realised that traditional agencies weren’t providing the same level of service as internal recruitment teams, however, hiring those internal teams is incredibly costly and time-consuming. So, we created a subscription model of recruitment that allows us to form long-term partnerships with our clients, allowing them all of the benefits of an internal team, but in a much more cost-effective way. 

How works:


  • We will have an alignment meeting so that we understand exactly who you are and how your business operates
  • You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager –  This person will act as your internal recruiter
  • Your Account Manager will be assigned your company email address – to the outside world, they are your internal recruiter
  • We will create your job ads
  • Promote the job ads on your behalf
  • Go to market with your job
  • Do all of the headhunting
  • CV-sifting
  • We will interview all potential candidates
  • Reference check candidates
  • Send qualified CVs to the hiring manager & arrange interviews
  • We will train your hiring managers on interview skills
  • Give all feedback to the candidates and to the hiring manager
  • Handle the offer
  • Handle the salary negotiations

Benefits of

  • All your hiring manager will have to do is interview the candidate themselves to see if they’re a good fit for the role and the business, we will do everything else
  • We will get to know your business as well as an internal team would so can find the best-matched candidates for your business
  • We offer a subscription model which saves our clients thousands of pounds on their recruitment

Disadvantages of

  • If you are only hiring one member of staff it would be better to go with a traditional agency 

If you’d like to learn more about our subscription packages and exactly how much it costs head over to or, give us a call on 0113 873 0092.

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